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Vanuatu - Legislation - Numerical Table of the Consolidated Edition 2006

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Vanuatu - Legislation - Numerical Table of Included Acts of the Consolidated Edition 2006


Consolidated Edition 2006

Numerical Table of Included Acts


Chapter 1            Quarantine

Chapter 2            Harbor Lights

Chapter 3            (Repealed)

Chapter 4            Absinthe (Prohibition)

Chapter 5            Wireless Telegraph (Ships)

Chapter 6            Explosives

Chapter 7            Immature Whisky (Prohibition)

Chapter 8            Alcohol Importation

Chapter 9            Derelict Vessels (Disposal)

Chapter 10          Gambling (Prohibition)

Chapter 11          Tetanus (Control)

Chapter 12          Dangerous Drugs

Chapter 13          Fencing

Chapter 14          Definition of Land Boundaries

Chapter 15          Cattle Trespass

Chapter 16          Closed Districts

Chapter 17          Port Vila Electrical Supply

Chapter 18          Malaria (Control)

Chapter 19          (Repealed)                                         

Chapter 20          Prisons (Administration)

Chapter 21          Infantile Paralysis Precautions (Consolidation)

Chapter 22          Port Vila Harbour (Prohibited Area)

Chapter 23          Control of Pharmacists

Chapter 24          Water Supply

Chapter 25          Public Roads (Prohibition of Encroachment)

Chapter 26          Ports

Chapter 27          Electricity Cable (Restriction on Passage of Vessels Thereunder)

Chapter 28          (Repealed)

Chapter 29          Road Traffic (Control)            

Chapter 30          Wild Bird (Protection)

Chapter 31          Export Duties

Chapter 32          Copra Inspection

Chapter 33          (Repealed)

Chapter 34          (Repealed)

Chapter 35          (Repealed)

Chapter 36          Expropriation for Public Utility

Chapter 37          Oaths

Chapter 38          Mental Hospital

Chapter 39          Preservation of Sites and Artifacts

Chapter 40          Control of Nocturnal Noise

Chapter 41          (Repealed)

Chapter 42          Maintenance of Family

Chapter 43          Weights

Chapter 44          (Repealed)

Chapter 45          Control of Marriage

Chapter 46          Maintenance of Children

Chapter 47          Trespass (Punishment)

Chapter 48          Sale of Medicines (Control)

Chapter 49          Taxis

Chapter 50          Road Traffic (Motor Bicycles)

Chapter 51          (Repealed)

Chapter 52          Liquor Licensing

Chapter 53          Shipping

Chapter 54          Restriction of Offensive Weapons

Chapter 55          Wills

Chapter 56          Public Health (Aerated Water, Ice and Ice-Cream)

Chapter 57          Motor Boats (Control)

Chapter 58          Protection of Government Property

Chapter 59          (Repealed)

Chapter 60          Marriage

Chapter 61          Civil Status (Registration)

Chapter 62          (Repealed)

Chapter 63          (Repealed)

Chapter 64          Control and Registration of Dogs

Chapter 65          Electricity Supply

Chapter 66          Immigration

Chapter 67          Suspension of Sentences

Chapter 68          Stamp Duties

Chapter 69          Trust Companies

Chapter 70          Prevention of Fraud (Investments)

Chapter 71          Census

Chapter 72          Censorship of Films

Chapter 73          Obscenity

Chapter 74          Agricultural Fees

Chapter 75          Manpower and Employment Survey

Chapter 76          Essential Commodities

Chapter 77          (Repealed)

Chapter 78          Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Chapter 79          Notaries Public

Chapter 80          Registration of United Kingdom Patents

Chapter 81          Registration of United Kingdom Trademarks

Chapter 82          Insurance

Chapter 83          Statistics

Chapter 84          Public Order                           

Chapter 85          Commissions of Inquiry

Chapter 86          Price Control

Chapter 87          Water Supply Apparatus

Chapter 88          Deposit of Books

Chapter 89          (Repealed)

Chapter 90          Foreshore Development

Chapter 91          Import Duties (Consolidation)

Chapter 92          Partnership

Chapter 93          (Repealed)

Chapter 94          Pedestrian Crossings

Chapter 95          Members of Parliament (Powers and Privileges)

Chapter 96          Supply of Electricity (Districts)

Chapter 97          Cattle (Export)

Chapter 98          (Repealed)

Chapter 99          (Repealed)

Chapter 100        (Repealed)

Chapter 101        Burials

Chapter 102        (Repealed)

Chapter 103        Cattle (Slaughter, Spaying and Castration)

Chapter 104        Election of the President

Chapter 105        Police

Chapter 106        (Omitted)

Chapter 107        State Flag and Armorial Bearings

Chapter 108        Passports

Chapter 109        Parliament (Membersí Expenses and Allowances)

Chapter 110        Citizenship (Entitled Persons)

Chapter 111        Official Secrets

Chapter 112        Citizenship

Chapter 113        (Repealed)

Chapter 114        Public Holidays

Chapter 115        Law Commission

Chapter 116        Acts of Parliament

Chapter 117        (Repealed)

Chapter 118        (Repealed)

Chapter 119        Legal Practitioners

Chapter 120        Honours

Chapter 121        (Repealed)

Chapter 122        (Repealed)

Chapter 123        Land Reform

Chapter 124        Visiting Forces (Agreements)

Chapter 125        Reserve Bank of Vanuatu                              

Chapter 126        Municipalities

Chapter 127        (Repealed)

Chapter 128        (Repealed)

Chapter 129        (Repealed)

Chapter 130        Magistratesí Court (Civil Jurisdiction)

Chapter 131        Maritime

Chapter 132        Interpretation

Chapter 133        Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board

Chapter 134        International Financial Institutions

Chapter 135        Penal Code

Chapter 136        Criminal Procedure Code

Chapter 137        Civil Aviation (Conventions)

Chapter 138        Maritime Zones

Chapter 139        Cocoa

Chapter 140        Charitable Associations (Incorporation)

Chapter 141        (Repealed)

Chapter 142        Vanuatu Tourism Office

Chapter 143        Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities

Chapter 144        Public Service (Localisation)

Chapter 145        Alienated Land

Chapter 146        Representation of the People

Chapter 147        (Repealed)

Chapter 148        (Repealed)

Chapter 149        (Repealed)

Chapter 150        Geneva Conventions

Chapter 151        Vanuatu Red Cross Society

Chapter 152        Co-operative Societies

Chapter 153        (Repealed)

Chapter 154        (Repealed)

Chapter 155        Maritime (Conventions)

Chapter 156        Newspapers (Restriction on Publication)

Chapter 157        (Repealed)

Chapter 158        (Repealed)

Chapter 159        (Repealed)

Chapter 160        Employment

Chapter 161        Trade Unions

Chapter 162        Trade Disputes

Chapter 163        Land Leases

Chapter 164        Health Practitioners

Chapter 165        (Repealed)

Chapter 166        Prevention of Collisions at Sea

Chapter 167        Island Courts

Chapter 168        Official Salaries

Chapter 169        (Omitted)        

Chapter 170        (Omitted)

Chapter 171        Teaching Service

Chapter 172        Gaming (Control)

Chapter 173        (Repealed)

Chapter 174        Members of Parliament (Vacation of Seats)

Chapter 175        Land Surveyors

Chapter 176        Import of Goods (Control)

Chapter 177        Public Solicitor

Chapter 178        Airport Departure Tax (Domestic Flights)

Chapter 179        Diplomatic and Official Passports

Chapter 180        (Repealed)

Chapter 181        (Repealed)

Chapter 182        Minimum Wage and Minimum Wages Board

Chapter 183        National Council of Chiefs (Organisation)

Chapter 184        (Repealed)

Chapter 185        Revision and Consolidation of the Laws

Chapter 186        Vanuatu National Cultural Council

Chapter 187        Labour (Work Permits)

Chapter 188        National Housing Corporation

Chapter 189        Vanuatu National Provident Fund

Chapter 190        Mines and Minerals

Chapter 191        Companies

Chapter 192        Matrimonial Causes

Chapter 193        Physical Planning

Chapter 194        (Repealed)

Chapter 195        Health and Safety at Work

Chapter 196        Rent Taxation

Chapter 197        Geothermal Energy

Chapter 198        Firearms

Chapter 199        (Repealed)

Chapter 200        Consular Relations

Chapter 201        Animal Importation and Quarantine

Chapter 202        Workmenís Compensation

Chapter 203        Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (Ratification)

Chapter 204        Meteorology

Chapter 205        Lotteries

Chapter 206        Telecommunications

Chapter 207        Local Produce Cess

Chapter 208        Vanuatu National Sports Council

Chapter 209        National Bank of Vanuatu

Chapter 210        International Trade (Fauna and Flora)

Chapter 211        Business Names

Chapter 212        Limitation

Chapter 213        Meat Industry

Chapter 214        Broadcasting and Television

Chapter 215        Land Acquisition

Chapter 216        Archives

Chapter 217        Convention on Biological Diversity (Ratification)

Chapter 218        Framework Convention on Climate Change (Ratification)

Chapter 219        Convention on the Rights of the Child (Ratification)

Chapter 220        Animal Disease (Control) 

Chapter 221        Import of Motor Vehicles (Control)

Chapter 222        International Companies

Chapter 223        Casino Control

Chapter 224        National Parks

Chapter 225        Niue Treaty on Cooperation in Fisheries Surveillance and Law Enforcement in the South Pacific Region (Ratification)

Chapter 226        Pesticides (Control)

Chapter 227        Petroleum (Exploration and Production)

Chapter 228        Food (Control)  

Chapter 229        Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Chapter 230        Decentralization

Chapter 231        Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (Ratification)

Chapter 232        Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (Ratification)

Chapter 233        Freehold Titles

Chapter 234        Public Health

Chapter 235        Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Ratification)

Chapter 236        Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Vanuatu

Chapter 237        South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty (Ratification)

Chapter 238        Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (Ratification)

Chapter 239        Plant Protection

Chapter 240        Leadership Code

Chapter 241        Expenditure Review and Audit

Chapter 242        State Law Office

Chapter 243        Government

Chapter 244        Public Finance and Economic Management

Chapter 245        Government Contracts and Tenders 

Chapter 246        Public Service

Chapter 247        Value Added Tax

Chapter 248        Vanuatu Foreign Investment Promotion

Chapter 249        Business Licence

Chapter 250        Government Remuneration Tribunal 

Chapter 251        Asset Management Unit

Chapter 252        Ombudsman

Chapter 253        Vanuatu Maritime Authority

Chapter 254        Financial Institutions

Chapter 255        Vanuatu National Training Council

Chapter 256        Credit Unions

Chapter 257        Customs

Chapter 258        Civil Aviation

Chapter 259        Leaders (President, Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Council of Chiefs) Entitlements

Chapter 260        Postal Services

Chapter 261        Vanuatu Interactive Gaming   

Chapter 262        Nurses

Chapter 263        Electronic Transactions

Chapter 264        E-Business    

Chapter 265        Forestry Rights Registration and Timber Harvest Guarantee

Chapter 266        Strata Titles

Chapter 267        National Disaster

Chapter 268        Financial Transactions Reporting

Chapter 269        Geographical Indications (Wine) 

Chapter 270        Judicial Services and Courts

Chapter 271        Customary Land Tribunal

Chapter 272        Education

Chapter 273        ACP-EU Partnership Agreement

Chapter 274        Vanuatu Institute of Technology

Chapter 275        Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education

Chapter 276        Forestry

Chapter 277        Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

Chapter 278        United Nations

Chapter 279        International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism

Chapter 280        International Banking

Chapter 281        Water Resources Management

Chapter 282        Civil Aviation (Ratification)

Chapter 283        Environmental Management and Conservation

Chapter 284        Proceeds of Crime

Chapter 285        Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters

Chapter 286        Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Technical Centre

Chapter 287        Extradition

Chapter 288        Valuation of Land

Chapter 289        Land Valuers Registration

Chapter 290        Excise

Chapter 291        Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER)

Chapter 292        Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA)

Chapter 293        Public Prosecutor

Chapter 294        United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (Ratification)

Chapter 295        Consolidation of the French and English Texts of the Laws of Vanuatu

Chapter 296        Health Committees

Chapter 297        Referendum 

Chapter 298        World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (Ratification)

Chapter 299        Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction (Ratification)

Chapter 300        Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (Ratification)

Chapter 301        Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (Ratification)

Chapter 302        Agreement establishing the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (Ratification)

Chapter 303        Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction (Ratification)

Chapter 304        Multilateral Treaty on Fisheries and Related Amendments (Ratification)

Chapter 305        Convention on the Conservation and Management of Tuna Stocks and Other Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (Ratification)

Chapter 306        Parliament (Administration)

Chapter 307        Agreement Establishing the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) (Ratification)

Chapter 308        Protocol for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts of Violence at Airports Serving International Civil Aviation Supplementary to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation (Ratification)

Chapter 309        Pacific Islands Civil Aviation Treaty (Ratification)

Chapter 310        Protocols to Amend the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Ratification)

Chapter 311        Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air (Ratification)

Chapter 312        Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives for the Purpose of Detection (Ratification)

Chapter 313        Counter Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime

Chapter 314        Vanuatu Agriculture College

Chapter 315        Fisheries

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