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Immigration (Amendment) Act 1995

Commencement: 27 December 1995


NO. 15 OF 1995

Assent: 17/10/95
Commencement: 27/12/95

An Act to amend the Immigration Act [CAP. 66]

BE IT ENACTED by the President and Parliament as follows:-


  1. The following section is inserted after section 14 of the IMMIGRATION Act [CAP. 66] in this Act referred to as the "Principal Act" -


14A. (1) The Principal Immigration Officer may upon application being made in the prescribed form issue a student’s permit, subject to such conditions as are referred to in subsection (4) authorizing that person to enter and undertake education or training in Vanuatu.

(2) Any person granted a student permit under this section must have in his possession -

(a) written evidence acceptable to the Principal Immigration Officer that he has been accepted by a recognized teaching or training institution in Vanuatu to undertake study or training at that institution;

(b) a valid passport;

(c) an air ticket or other means of travelling from Vanuatu to some other country acceptable to the Principal Immigration Officer which he will be able to enter.

(3) A student’s permit shall, subject to the provisions or this Act, entitle a person to stay in Vanuatu for the purposes of study for such period as the Principal Immigration Officer thinks fit.

(4) A student’s permit shall be subject to the conditions that the student does not during his stay in Vanuatu:

(a) take up employment except as part of his education, apprenticeship or technical instruction, except with the prior approval of the Principal Immigration Officer;

(b) behave in a matter that is prejudicial to peace, good order, good government or public morality in Vanuatu,

and subject to such other conditions as may be prescribed.

(5) The Principal Immigration Officer may cancel a student’s permit if he is satisfied that the person to whom it was issued:

(a) is not a person to whom a student’s permit should have been issued;

(b) has become a prohibited immigrant;

(c) has become incapable of supporting himself or his dependents;

(d) has behaved in a manner prejudicial to the peace good order, good government or public morality of Vanuatu;

(e) is in breach of any conditions of his permit, or

(f) has been convicted of any offence."

(6) A permit issued under this section may be extended for such periods as the Principal Immigration Officer thinks fit.


2. The principal Act is amended in Schedule 1 -

(a) in column A by inserting after paragraph (h) the following new paragraph (i) -

"(i) On application for a permit to enter and reside in Vanuatu for one year for students undertaking study programmes in Vanuatu -

(a) in column B by inserting after the figure "VT1.500" the figure "VT1.000"."


  1. This Act shall come into force on the day of its publication in the Gazette.


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