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Tokelau System of Government Information

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Pacific Governments - Tokelau


Country name:





Legal system:

(See Sources of Law for a complete overview)


Official Languages:

National Government:

(i) Executive Branch:

Head of State: the British monarch; the UK and New Zealand are represented by Administrator; the monarch is hereditary; Administrator appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand.

Head of Government: the head of government is chosen from the Council of Faipule and serves a one-year term.

Cabinet: the Council of Faipule, consisting of three elected leaders, one from each atoll, functions as a cabinet.

(ii) Legislative Branch:

Unicameral General Fono - 45 seats - 15 from each of the three atolls; members chosen by each atoll's Council of Elders or Taupulega to serve three-year terms); note - s.3A Tokelau Amendment Act of 1996 (NZ) confers legislative power on the General Fono

(iii) Judicial Branch:

Court of Appeal (NZ); High Court (NZ); Village Councils

(See Court System for a full overview)

Regional Government:

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