PCN Members

Current PCN members are listed here. The list is organised by country and then institution to help identify clusters within institutions.

To join the PCN please complete this form and return it to leeanne.sackett@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj .


The table is organised by country of residence & then institution.
Country (residence) Organisation Name Research Interests Contact
Australia ANU, State Society & Governance in Melanesia Kerryn Baker Gender quota reform kerryn.baker@anu.edu.au
Australia ANU, Law & University of Canberra Bal Kama Papua New Guinea, relationships between arms of government kamab108@gmail.com
Australia ANU, RegNet Miranda Forsyth Custom and constitutions, judicial independence miranda.forsyth@anu.edu.au
Australia ANU Siobhan McDonnell Customary land siobhan.mcdonnell@anu.edu.au
Australia Bond University, Law Narelle Bedford Public and legal accountability mechanisms, comparatvie analysis, separation of power, intersection between judicial and executive power nbedford@bond.edu.au
Australia University of Melbourne, Law & Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies Anna Dziedzic Comparative constitutional law, constitution making, federalism and devolution, gender and constitutions, judicial systems anna.dziedzic@unimelb.edu.au
Australia Wollongong University Edward Wolfers Papua New Guinea ewolfers1@gmail.com
Canada University of Victoria, Law Debra MacKenzie Tonga, legal change and legal development in the post-coloial Pacific debpmac@uvic.ca
Fiji UNDP, Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project John Hyde Governance, accountability, anti-corruption, justic across all PICs gopacau@gmail.com
Fiji Romitesh Kant Fiji constitution making, ethnicity and constitutions romitesh.kant@usp.ac.fj
Fiji USP Paul Carnegie paul.carnegie@usp.ac.fj
Fiji USP Wesley Morgan morgan.wesley@usp.ac.fj
Fiji USP Gordon Nanau Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, others. Decentralisation, ethnic relations, electoral systems, land and resources gordon.nanau@usp.ac.fj
Fiji USP David Naylor david.naylor@usp.ac.fj
Fiji USP Claire Slatter International treaty obligations, particularly trade & human rights treaties slatter_c@usp.ac.fj
Marshall Islands Parliament, Legal Counsel Divine Waiti Constitutional Reform in the Marshall Islands, Governance, human rights, customary rights, motion of no confidence, corruption, drafting, etc. djwaiti@gmail.com
New Zealand Barrister & Solicitor, PASAI Robert Buchanan Constitutional reform in the Pacific, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Supreme Audit Institutions robert@buchananlaw.co.nz
New Zealand Otago University Tom White tom.white@otago.ac.nz
New Zealand Victoria Univeristy of Wellington Jon Franekel Pacific politics and governance, state stability jon.fraenkel@vuw.ac.nz
New Zealand Victoria Univeristy of Wellington Graham Hassall History of constitution making in the Pacific, constitutionalising Pacific regionalisim, public scgtor governance and policy in Pacific traditions of Westminster graham.hassall@vuw.ac.nz
Papua New Guinea Constitutional & Law Reform Commission Ben Bofeng Right to equality & participation under the Constitution bbofeng@gmail.com
Papua New Guinea Constitutional & Law Reform Commission Nettie Daemuna PNG legislative reform and review ndaemuna@clrc.gov.pg
Papua New Guinea Constitutional & Law Reform Commission Lucy Mathew PNG customs and law mathewlucy9@gmail.com
Papua New Guinea Ministry of Justice Josephine Advent josephine.advent@justice.gov.pg
Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission Michael Efi PNG, human rights mikes@gmail.com
Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission Vergil Narokobi PNG, constitutional law, implementing constitutional aspirations, social rights, preambles vnarokobi@gmail.com
Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission Richard Pagen leadership code, Vanuatu, PNG richard.pagen@ombudsman.gov.pg
Papua New Guinea Ombudsman Commission Tabitha Suwae leadership code, Vanuatu, PNG tabitha.suwae@ombudsman.gov.pg
Samoa Legislative Drafting & legal consultant Lalaota Mulitalo Cusomary law & constitutions lsmulitalo@gmail.com
Samoa National University of Samoa, Centre for Samoan Studies Malama Meleisia Culture, religion and constitutions m.meleisea@nus.edu.ws
Samoa National University of Samoa, Centre for Samoan Studies Penelope Schoeffel Customary law & constitutions p.schoeffel@nus.edu.ws
Solomon Islands Law Reform Commission Philip Kanairara pkanairara@lrc.gov.sb
Tuvalu Attorney General's Office Corinna Ituaso-Laafai cituaso@gmail.com
Vanuatu TNC Consulting Tess Newton Cain Melanesia, constitutional rights, rule of law, separation of powers, democratic culture tess@devpacific.org
Vanuatu USP, Law Pierre-Jean Bordahandy pierrejean.bordahandy@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Eric Colvin Consitutions and criminal law colvin_e@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Sean Donlan Comparative constitutional analysis sean.donlan@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Joseph Foukona joseph.foukona@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Anita Jowitt Corruption, human rights, state stability, comparative analysis across USP member countries jowitt_a@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Morsen Mosses morsen.mosses@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Don Paterson Constitutional reform, land paterson_d@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Lee-Anne Sackett Constitutional law, human rights, indigenous peoples leeanne.sackett@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj
Vanuatu USP, Law Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh Environmental law, human rights and the relationship between interantional and constitutional law margaretha.wewerinke@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj