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Some nice things which our users have said about us.


Hello PacLII. I've done consulting work around the Pacific for 13 years and have used your site literally every month over that time. You do tremendous work and should take pride in how much you help the Pacific. It is this behind-the-scenes work that really moves the ball: well done!!!
March 2019, Lawyer. Sent through the Feedback form.


...I would like to also thank you for the outstanding service that PacLII provides for judges, practitioners, academics and students in the Pacific region.
November 2018, W. Calanchini, President, Court of Appeal, Fiji


"Dear Lenore,

Thank you so much for all that you do for us."
May 2016, Lawyer, Cook Islands

"Dear Paclii Team
I just wanted to say a very big Thank you for looking into my request so quickly despite having the two day training. I needed the protocol urgently for a research submission i have to make. Your prompt assistance has helped me save time and effort to look for this information from other sources. I greatly appreciate the work you put in to provide researchers such as myself with up-to date Pacific legal information and assistance."
April 2016, USP Law Lecturer

"YAY PacLII! - without which this research would be impossible"
April 2016, USP Law Lecturer


" Appreciate your prompt reply and attention to this.
BTW, your site is a fantastic resource centre.
Please let me know if there is any organisation, Government funding agency, International Support Agency, etc. to whom we can sing our praises of your website and resource service, so that you guys get the recognition you deserve and hopefully enough funding to keep growing and improving your service. Keep up the good work. It's much appreciated !"
Property Developers and Estate Agents, Fiji, August 2015

"Thank you very much for your most helpful explanation. I truly appreciate the excellent service that you provide, despite the diverse challenges you face, and on which I rely in many different aspects of my work. If there are ever materials with which I can assist, I shall be happy to do my best. Meanwhile, thank you for all that your colleagues and you are doing to make our region's legal resources more widely available."
Academic, Australia July 2015

"Love the new design!"
Academic, USP, School of Law, on the subject of the revamped website. July 2015

"Please pass my thanks on to all the PacLII team for all the hard work you are doing. The website front page looks heaps better and the country pages are really clear. I had already stumbled across the RMI rules of professional conduct when I was browsing because the redesign is so much clearer. And, as always, having current legal material is such a help."
USP, School of Law Academic - July 2015

"I have been meaning to write for some time to thank you and your staff for the excellent service that you provide. It is true to say that the research capability of all scholars involved in South Pacific research is greatly enhanced by the information available on the Paclii site. The information serves not only to assist academic endeavours, but also to assist with preparation of practical legal advice and with legal reform. The amount of information now available is impressive and where I have requested assistance to obtain additional resources, I have always received a prompt and helpful response. I do not know what I would do without this service, and hope that I don't ever have to find out! Thank you again for continuing to provide such a worthwhile and important facility."
Academic, School of Law at an Australian University. - June 2015

"Your reports are indispensable. There are similarities and I have always appreciated the reasoning of your judgments. It provides me with an opportunity to compare the reasoning in various jurisdictions. The district court in Ghana is the lowest court in my country but it is the first call of court for the ordinary man It has quite a wider jurisdiction and deals in matters involving juveniles,families,criminals as well as civil cases.the district magistrate also serves as a coroner. I recently joined the bench and I find it very pleasant."
Magistrate in Ghana. May 2015

"We are doing a lot of work with Court's Annual Reports and one of the key indicators is to have these Report publicly available, hence the brilliance of PacLii."
Pacific Judicial Development Programme. May 2015

"So good to hear that PacLii and staff came through the cyclone reasonably well. You all do such a great job for the benefit of all of us, even in such difficult circumstances! It's really appreciated."
New Zealand Parliamentary Library. April 2015

"Well done, keeping the whole show on the road during that huge cyclone - and reporting it so well."
Regional judicial officer. April 2015


Thanks again for your help chasing down the PVMC Boundaries, they were crucial in developing the draft climate vulnerability assessment for Port Vila that we are now finalising in partnership with NDMO and the PV council.
26th November 2014

Thank you for the updates and information. We value the wonderful work that you do and the ease and convenience with which it is so easy to access laws and legislation and cases not only from SI but also from other jurisdictions.
Member of Judiciary, Solomon Islands,
12 August 2014

I just want to register my appreciation for the great work you are doing. This, no doubt, is also a reflection of the dedication and commitment by persons you have as members of your team.
Academic, University Papua New Guinea
5 June 2014

Thank you for the fine work that you and the team are doing! May I take this time to thank you and all the staff of PacLII since the inclusion of PNG's legal materials to the PacLII Website.
Retiring member of the Department of Justice and Attorney General, PNG
3 April 2014

We use PacLii all the time!!!! So, some examples below:

  1. PDLP. RRRT conducts the Family Law and Human Rights Law components of the Professional Diploma in Legal Practice with USP. We have the students use PacLii as a learning tool to research and identify cases in family law and human rights law. Normally, our PDLP interns, when they do their 5 week internship with us, also are tasked with researching through PacLii for cases in specific human rights or family law areas such as divorce, property, children etc.
  2. Publications. Last year RRRT completed the development of, and launched two publications - the Supplement to Law for Pacific Women, and the Pacific Human Rights Law Digest Volume IV. The development of both of these excellent tools for human rights work relied heavily on access to PacLii.
  3. Research. RRRT does research not only for publications, but also for the development of training tools, presentations and curriculum development. We have extensively used PacLii for all of these. Last year we almost completed all courses for the Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights with USP - for the law related units, we relied on PacLii for information.

In short - we use PacLii all the time and I'm really not sure what we would do without your excellent service!
Director, RRRT, SPC
24 January 2014

You run an extraordinary service to people in the Pacific and beyond with very limited resources.
Professional Researcher & User,
17 January 2014

Best wishes to you and your team for 2014...You do a great job!
New Zealand Parliament Library,
8 January 2014


I should have also said that your database is brilliant, without it law in the Pacific would be unmanageable!!!
Law lecturer, USP
12 August 2013

Thank you so much.
Your publications are inciteful.
I have enjoyed reading the judgments from your jurisdiction even though they are of persuasive effect in my country Ghana.
Professional user, Ghana, Africa
8 August 2013


I continue to research Paclii regularly, and give support for its continued development towards a permanent Pacific legal research facility.
Professional Government Lawyer, Cook Islands
1 October 2012

Your law database has been extremely helpful in my research there. Even local lawyers nor US embassy staff was not aware your database until I showed them
Senior Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne
4 July 2012

You & your staff are doing a great job keeping us informed! Keep it up!
Vasanoc, Vanuatu (Vanuatu National Association of Sports and Olympic Committee)
8 June 2012

Thank you so much for the speed and diligence with which you responded to my request. I am very pleased to have access to an electronic version of this legislation together with the related legislation regarding the transportation of animals.
I am even more pleased to know that you will be entering them into the website so that they will be readily accessible to everyone...Unfortunately it is a little known and even less enforced piece of legislation but at least if it is included in the Consolidation of Fiji Laws it can be more easily referred to.
Animal Protection Advocate, Fiji
19 January 2012


New Zealand Parliament does a lot work in the Pacific and one of the challenges to get access to relevant legislation particularly. The PACII website is a great resource, so keep up the good work.
Official within House of Representatives, New Zealand Parliament.
11 November 2011


I want to thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule to discuss the start-up of the Liberia Legal Information Institute. Access to the law of Liberia was severely affected by fourteen years of civil war and many more years of political instability. As the nation recovers from its recent history of conflict the Liberia Legal Information Institute will play an important role in supporting a future based on the rule of law. I wish to thank you and [your team] for sharing information about PacLII's development from an organizational and technical standpoint, and for your advice concerning the development of the LibLII. PacLII's support is very much appreciated.
American Bar Association, Liberia
5 December 2010

PacLII is wonderful! Many thanks to all involved in it!
Librarian, from alliance of independent legal practices in New Zealand.
2 November 2010

The site is very powerful especially for us who are ignorant of our own laws.
User, Nauru
29 September 2010

This is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks... for your assistance!
Doing Business Project, IFC-World Bank, Washington DC
27 September 2011

I would like to express my appreciation for the Pacific legislation available online at this website. I am an accountant in New Zealand, working for an organisation that works in a number of Pacific countries, eg Fiji, Samoa, Tonga.
This legislation is extremely valuable when performing tax research on those countries. In general, I find the legislation more accessible here than on the actual tax department's own website.
I would be very grateful if you would continue to provide & maintain this excellent service.
Accountant, New Zealand
14 September 2010

PacLII is doing terrific work
Director ABC International, (for Australia Network television and ABC Radio Australia)
26 May 2010

I am the Legal Coordinator for the Child Rights Information Network (CRIN); our mission is to provide information about children's rights from jurisdictions around the world, and we rely heavily on PacLII in our work. It is not easy to find information resources in the Pacific, particularly those with a legal focus. PacLII has proven to be a truly wonderful way of finding not only laws that relate to children and human rights in the region, but a whole host of other networks and organizations who share our vision - we strongly believe that making information freely available online is a vital public good, and wholeheartedly appreciate and support PacLII's work to make this possible.
Legal Director, CRIN, London
24 March 2010

Thank you for the creation of this website, i find it useful to be able to access not only legilstations from various countries in the Pacific but also court rulings. I never knew that a website like this ever existed especially given that it is related to the Pacific. I congratulate you all for the work well done and will spread the word to my work colleagues and friends.
User, Ministry of Police - Samoa
30 January 2010

Hi, this is my first time to have access to PacLII. I am very impressed with the amount of information that is so freely accessible. Being in the Law and Justice Sector it helps me keep abreast of and with the times.
User, PNG Correctional Services
29 January 2010

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