PacLII Maritime Law Virtual Library

last updated: on December 9, 2010

The PacLII Virtual Subject Library on Maritime Law presents a very broad coverage of the subject area. It includes the law, both public and private, that deals with ships, oceans, the marine environment, fisheries, seafarers and shipping and insurance.

Each subject area includes links to the applicable international instruments as well as to national legislation and case law. As new national legislation and/or case law becomes available to PacLII it will be automatically uploaded so that the website will remain current.

The website is directed to those studying, drafting, researching and practicing law in the region. There is a “Useful Links” page and this may serve as a starting point to your investigation of the law in a particular area. There is also a case law summary section, and this will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, or would like to report any errors or omissions please contact Debra McKenzie via

People Who made the Maritime Law Library possible

SPC – EDD – Transport (Maritime) Legal Internship Programme coordinated and managed by the Regional Maritime Legal Adviser, Tufuga Fagaloa Tufuga, selected three PIMLA members over a period of time to collect and analyse maritime judgments within the region as one means to assess maritime jurisprudence and the state of maritime law in the region. Mr Joseph Pyawan (PNG) was the first legal internee followed by Ms Regina Perez (Tokelau) who all contributed in different phases of this PIMLA project which was funded by SPC.

The third PIMLA member involved was Ms Debra McKenzie (Canada), who continued on the work and put on final touches on the project on pro bono basis. She was then engaged by USP on a short contract to work with PacLII using the technical expertise developed by AustLII to create the virtual online library that you see here.

PIMLA will continue to support this project and work collaboratively with PacLII subject to availability of funding.