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Fiji - Laws of Fiji (1985 Revised Edition)



You are here:  PacLII >> Fiji Primary Materials  >> Legislation Indexes >> Laws of Fiji (1985 Revised Edition) - Alphabetical Index

Fiji - Laws of Fiji (1985 Revised Edition) - Alphabetical Index






Adoption of Infants - Subsidiary

Cap 58: Vol III

Advertisement Regulation

Cap 127: Vol VIII

Agricultural Landlord and Tenant

Cap 270: Vol XIV


Cap 91: Vol V

Animals (Contagious Diseases)

Cap 160: Vol IX

Animals (Control of Experiments)

Cap 161: Vol IX

Animals Importation

Cap 159: Vol IX


Cap 38: Vol III


Cap 258: Vol XIV

Arms and Ammunition

Cap 188: Vol XI

Attachment of Sugar-Cane Debts

Cap 31: Vol III


Cap 70: Vol IV



Banaban Lands

Cap 124: Vol VII

Banaban Settlement

Cap 123: Vol VII

Banana Export and Marketing

Cap 155: Vol IX

Bankers' Books Evidence

Cap 45: Vol III


Cap 212: Vol XII


Cap 48: Vol III


Cap 178: Vol X

Bills of Exchange

Cap 227: Vol XIII

Bills of Sale

Cap 225: Vol XIII

Birds and Game Protection

Cap 170: Vol IX

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration

Cap 49: Vol III

Boxing and Wrestling Contests

Cap 272: Vol XIV


Cap 163: Vol IX

British and Colonial Probates

Cap 62: Vol IV

Broadcasting Commission

Cap 105: Vol V

Burial and Cremation

Cap 117: Vol V1

Business Licensing

Cap 204: Vol XII




Cap 72: Vol IV

Cession of Fiji Islands

Cap 1: Vol I

Cession of Rotuma

Cap 1: Vol I

Charitable Trusts

Cap 67: Vol IV

Cinematographic Films

Cap 271: Vol XIV

Civil Aviation

Cap 174: Vol X

Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji

Cap 174A: Vol X

Coat of Arms of Fiji

Cap 245: Vol XIII

Coconut Industry

Cap 152: Vol IX

Commissions of Inquiry

Cap 47: Vol III


Cap 247: Vol XIII

Compensation to Relatives

Cap 29: Vol III

Consumer Council

Cap 235: Vol XIII

Consular Conventions (Administration of Estates)

Cap 53: Vol IV

Consular Privileges and Immunities

Cap 9: Vol I

Continental Shelf

Cap 149: Vol VIII

Co-operative Dairy Companies

Cap 119: Vol VI

Co-operative Societies

Cap 250: Vol XIV

Copra Industry Loans

Cap 153: Vol IX

Copyright (Broadcasting of Gramophone Records)

Cap 244: Vol XIII


Cap 73: Vol IV

Court of Appeal

Cap 12: Vol II

Credit Unions

Cap 251: Vol XIV

Criminal Procedure Code

Cap 21: Vol II

Crop Liens

Cap 226: Vol XIII

Crown Acquisition of Lands

Cap 135: Vol VIII

Crown Lands

Cap 132: Vol VIII

Crown Proceedings Act

Cap. 24: Vol II


Cap 196: Vol XI




Cap 118: Vol VI

Dangerous Drugs

Cap 114: Vol VI


Cap 32: Vol III


Cap 34: Vol III


Cap 90: Vol V

Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities

Cap 8: Vol I

Disposal of Uncollected Goods

Cap 233: Vol XIII

Distress for Rent

Cap 36: Vol III


Cap 168: Vol IX


Cap 143: Vol VIII



Economic Development Board

Cap 221: Vol XIII


Cap 262: Vol XIV


Cap 4: Vol I


Cap 180: Vol X


Cap 92: Vol V

Engineers Registration

Cap 261: Vol XIV

Estate and Gift Duties

Cap 203: Vol XII


Cap 41: Vol III


Cap 262A: Vol XIV

Exchange Control

Cap 211: Vol XII


Cap 199: Vol XI


Cap 189: Vol XI


Cap 23: Vol II




Cap 99: Vol X

Fair Rents

Cap 269: Vol XIV


Cap 167: Vol IX

Fiji Citizenship

Cap 87: Vol V

Fiji (Compensation and Retiring Benefits) Order, 1970

Cap 1: Vol I

Fiji Development Bank

Cap 214: Vol XII

Fiji Independence 1970

Cap 1: Vol I

Fiji Independence Order 1970 (Including Constitution)

Cap 1: Vol I

Fiji Institute of Accountants

Cap 259: Vol XIV

Fiji Law Reform Commission

Cap 26: Vol III

Fiji Museum

Cap 263: Vol XIV

Fiji National Provident Fund

Cap 219: Vol XII

Fiji National Training

Cap 93: Vol V

Fiji Pine Commission

Cap 151: Vol IX

Fiji (Procedure in Appeals to Privy Council) Order, 1970

Cap 1: Vol I

Fiji (Retiring Benefits) Order, 1970

Cap 1: Vol I

Fiji Servicemen's After-Care Fund

Cap 84: Vol IV

Fiji Sports Council

Cap 271A: Vol XIV

Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited

Cap 209: Vol XII

Fiji Tourist Commission and Visitors Bureau

Cap 104: Vol V

Fijian Affairs - Subsidiary

Cap 120: Vol VII

Fijian Development Fund

Cap 121: Vol VII


Cap 69: Vol IV


Cap 158: Vol IX

Foreign Judgements (Reciprocal Enforcement)

Cap 40: Vol III


Cap 150: Vol IX

Friendly Societies

Cap 253: Vol XIV

Fruit Export and Marketing

Cap 154: Vol IX

Fuel and Power Emergency

Cap 191: Vol XI




Cap 273: Vol XIV

Goats (Ear Marks)

Cap 164: Vol IX

Gold Dealers

Cap 216: Vol XII

Governor-General (Pensions)

Cap 82: Vol IV



Higher Salaries Commission

Cap 2A: Vol I

Hotels Aid

Cap 215: Vol XII

Hotel Turnover Tax

Cap 202: Vol XII

Hotels and Guest Houses

Cap 195: Vol XI


Cap 267: Vol XIV




Cap 88: Vol V

Income Tax - Subsidiary

Cap 201: Vol XII

Indemnity Guarantee and Bailment

Cap 232: Vol XIII

Indian Immigrants (Repatriation)

Cap 103: Vol V

Industrial Associations

Cap 95: Vol V

Industry Emblem

Cap 246: Vol XIII

Inheritance (Family Provision)

Cap 61: Vol IV


Cap 46: Vol III


Cap 217: Vol XII

International Finance Corporation

Cap 11A: Vol I

International Financial Organisations

Cap 11: Vol I


Cap 7: Vol I

Investment in Fiji Government Securities

Cap 222: Vol XIII

Ionising Radiations

Cap 102: Vol V


Cap 144A: Vol VIII



Judges' Remuneration and Emoluments

Cap 16: Vol II


Cap 56: Vol III



Land Conservation and Improvement

Cap 141: Vol VIII

Land Development

Cap 142: Vol VIII

Land Sales

Cap 137: Vol VIII

Land Transfer

Cap 131: Vol VIII

Law Reform (Contributory Negligence and Tortfeasors)

Cap 30: Vol III

Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Death and Interest)

Cap 27: Vol III

Law Reform (Personal Injuries)

Cap 28: Vol III

Legal Aid

Cap 15: Vol II

Legal Practitioners

Cap 254: Vol XIV


Cap 57: Vol III

Libraries (Deposit of Books)

Cap 109: Vol VI


Cap 35: Vol III


Cap 192: Vol XI

Loans (Cane Crop Rehabilitation Scheme)

Cap 208: Vol XII

Local Government

Cap 125: Vol VII



Magistrates' Courts

Cap 14: Vol II

Maintenance and Affiliation

Cap 52: Vol III

Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement)

Cap 54: Vol III

Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement)

Cap 55: Vol III

Maintenance (Prevention of Desertion and Miscellaneous Provisions)

Cap 53: Vol III

Marine Insurance

Cap 218: Vol XII

Marine Spaces - Subsidiary 1, Subsidiary 2

Cap 158A: Vol IX


Cap 236: Vol XIII


Cap 126: Vol VII


Cap 50: Vol III

Married Women's Property

Cap 37: Vol III

Matrimonial Causes - Subsidiary

Cap 51: Vol III

Meat Industry

Cap 237: Vol XIII

Medical and Dental Practitioners

Cap 255: Vol XIV

Medical Assistants

Cap 255A: Vol XIV

Mental Treatment

Cap 113: Vol VI

Merchandise Marks

Cap 241: Vol XIII

Methylated Spirits

Cap 193: Vol XI


Cap. 228A: Vol XIII


Cap 146: Vol VIII

Minor Offences

Cap 18: Vol II


Cap 234: Vol XIII

Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance)

Cap 177: Vol X



National Bank of Fiji

Cap 213: Vol XII

National Trust for Fiji

Cap 265: Vol XIV

Native Lands

Cap 133: Vol VIII

Native Land Trust

Cap 134: Vol VIII

Newspaper Registration

Cap 106: Vol V

Nurses and Midwives

Cap 256: Vol XIV




Cap 42: Vol III

Occupiers' Liability

Cap 33: Vol III


Cap 3: Vol I

Orders in Council

Cap 25: Vol II



Parliamentary Powers and Privileges

Cap 5: Vol I


Cap 248: Vol XIV


Cap 89: Vol V


Cap 239: Vol XIII

Penal Code

Cap 17: Vol II

Pensions (1979)

Cap 77: Vol IV

Pensions and Gratuities (Disciplined Services)

Cap 78 Vol IV

Pensions (War Service)

Cap 79: Vol IV

Performers Protection

Cap 243: Vol XIII


Cap 157: Vol IX


Cap 190: Vol XI

Petroleum (Exploration and Exploitation)

Cap 148: Vol VIII

Pharmacy and Poisons

Cap 115: Vol VI

Plant Quarantine

Cap 156: Vol IX


Cap 85: Vol IV

Ports Authority of Fiji

Cap 181: Vol XI

Ports Authority of Fiji (Validation)

Cap 181A: Vol XI

Post Office

Cap 171: Vol IX

Posts and Telecommunications Trust Account

Cap 172: Vol IX


Cap 165: Vol IX

Prescription of Salaries

Cap 2: Vol I

Preservation of Objects of Archaeological and Palaeontological Interest

Cap 264: Vol XIV

Press Correction

Cap 107: Vol V

Prevention of Fires

Cap 145: Vol VIII


Cap 86: Vol IV

Private Hospitals

Cap 256A: Vol XIV

Probation of Offenders

Cap 22: Vol II

Promissory Oaths

Cap 76: Vol IV

Property Law

Cap 130: Vol VIII

Protection of Animals

Cap 169: Vol IX

Public Documents

Cap 44: Vol III

Public Health - Subsidiary 1 - Subsidiary 2

Cap 111: Vol VI

Public Holidays

Cap 101: Vol V

Public Hospitals and Dispensaries

Cap 110: Vol VI

Public Order

Cap 20: Vol II

Public Records

Cap 108: Vol VI

Public Safety

Cap 19: Vol II

Public Service

Cap 74: Vol IV

Public Trustee

Cap 64: Vol IV

Pure Food

Cap 116: Vol VI




Cap 112: Vol VI


Cap 147: Vol VIII




Cap 179: Vol X

Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements

Cap 39: Vol III


Cap 224: Vol XIII

Registration of Business Names

Cap 249: Vol XIV

Registration of Clubs

Cap 194: Vol XI

Religious Bodies Registration

Cap 68: Vol IV

Reserve Bank of Fiji

Cap 210: Vol XII

Revised Edition of the Laws

Cap 6: Vol I

Rivers and Streams

Cap 136: Vol XIII


Cap 175: Vol X


Cap 122: Vol VII

Rotuma Lands

Cap 138: Vol VIII

Royal Fiji Military Forces

Cap 81: Vol IV



Sale of Goods

Cap 230: Vol XIII

Scouts Association

Cap 252: Vol XIV

Sea Carriage of Goods

Cap 231: Vol XIII

Second-Hand Dealers

Cap 238: Vol XIII


Cap 128: Vol VIII

Shop (Regulation of Hours and Employment)

Cap 100: Vol V

Special Missions Privileges and Immunities

Cap 10: Vol I

Stamp Duties

Cap 205: Vol XII


Cap 71: Vol IV

Statutory Declarations

Cap 43: Vol III

Stock Improvement

Cap 162: Vol IX

Subdivision of Land

Cap 140: Vol VIII

Succession, Probate and Administration

Cap 60: Vol IV

Sugar Cane Growers Fund Authority

Cap 207: Vol XII

Sugar Industry

Cap 206: Vol XII

Supreme Court

Cap 13: Vol II


Cap 260: Vol XIV

Suva Fire Brigade

Cap 129: Vol VIII




Cap 173: Vol IX

Titles of Office

Cap 75: Vol IV

Tourist Commission and Visitors Bureau Act

Cap 104 Vol V

Town Planning

Cap 139: Vol VIII

Trade Disputes

Cap 97: Vol V

Trade Marks

Cap 240: Vol XIII

Trade Unions

Cap 96: Vol V

Trade Unions (Recognition)

Cap 96A: Vol V


Cap 176: Vol X

Trespass of Animals

Cap 166: Vol IX


Cap 65: Vol IV

Trustee Corporations

Cap 66: Vol IV

Turnover Tax (Miscellaneous Services)

Cap 202A: Vol XII



United Kingdom Designs (Protection)

Cap 242: ol XIII

Unit Titles

Cap 274: Vol XIV

Unit Trusts

Cap 228: Vol XIII

University of the South Pacific

Cap 266: Vol XIV



Veterinary Surgeons

Cap 257: Vol XIV



Wages Councils

Cap 98: Vol V

War Pensions (1943)

Cap 83: Vol IV

Water Supply

Cap 144: Vol VIII

Widows and Orphans Pensions

Cap 80: Vol IV


Cap 59: Vol IV

Workmen's Compensation

Cap 94: Vol V

Wreck and Salvage

Cap 198: Vol XI

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