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Fiji Constitution Review Commission 1996 Report

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The Fiji Islands: Towards a United Future

Report of the Fiji Constitution Review Commission 1996

Sir Paul Reeves
Tomasi Rayalu Vakatora
Brij Vilash Lal

Title Page and Mistakes & Corrections (PDF, 32KB)
Table of Contents (PDF, 241KB)
Letter of Presentation (PDF, 30KB)
Chapter 1. Introduction (PDF, 102KB)
Chapter 2. Strengthening the Constitutional Foundations (PDF, 509KB)
Chapter 3. The Constitution: its Purposes and Underlying Values (PDF, 890KB)
Chapter 4. How the Commission went about its Task (PDF, 153KB)
Chapter 5. National Identity and Shared Goals (PDF, 560KB)
Chapter 6. The Right to Be or Become a Fiji Citizen (PDF, 677KB)
Chapter 7. The Bill of Rights (PDF, 2.6MB)
Chapter 8. Ethnic and Social Justice (PDF, 775KB)
Chapter 9. Making Law and Policy: The Institutions of Government (PDF, 1.25MB)
Chapter 10. Electing the Members of Parliament (PDF, 1.5MB)
Chapter 11. The Functioning of Parliament (PDF, 554KB)
Chapter 12. Executive Government (PDF, 910KB)
Chapter 13. The Administration of Justice (PDF, 996KB)
Chapter 14. Efficient and Politically Neutral State Services (PDF, 880KB)
Chapter 15. Ethical and Accountable Government (PDF, 1.36MB)
Chapter 16. Public Revenue and Expenditure (PDF, 497KB)
Chapter 17. Protected Rights of Communities and Groups (PDF, 1MB)
Chapter 18. Local Government (PDF, 177KB)
Chapter 19. Emergency Powers (PDF, 461KB)
Chapter 20. The Constitution as Supreme Law: its Alteration or Review Alternation of the Entrenched Legislation (PDF, 471KB)

Appendix A - Recommendations (PDF, 2MB)
Appendix B - Commissions (PDF, 106KB)
Appendix C - Public hearings (PDF, 13KB)
Appendix D - Submissions (PDF, 449KB)
Appendix E - Research papers (PDF, 33KB)
Appendix F - Overseas consultations (PDF, 51KB)
Appendix G - Local private consultations (PDF, 20KB)
Appendix H - Written responses (PDF, 76KB)
Appendix I - Tables (PDF, 1.2MB)

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